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Move fast and fix things, part II

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Move fast and fix things

Yesterday we suggested that since hacks are generally moving more quickly these days, typing up stories for the internet even while we eat lunch/vacuum/get a haircut, flaks are going to have to do the same.

We are going to get things at least slightly wrong more often than we used to and the corrective note needs to come in sooner.

I think there’s a very particular sort of company that might want to ponder this most of all.

The companies that most struggle with the UK business press, it seems to me, are very large foreign firms that happen to have a presence here.

Typically, this company has a well-staffed PR team, but they are there to deal with consumer issues or the trade papers, not with the mainstream business press.

So when you speak to them because they are suddenly newsworthy, unless you’re a sector specialist whom they know well, everything just goes clunk.

These businesses seem to require the London office to get everything they say to the press signed off in triplicate in Dusseldorf. It’s too slow.

The days when a big company could hinder a story being published simply by delaying their response are gone.

Breaking news is going to be published very soon. If you want to stick your oar in, do it now.

Press release of the day

The pay rise story is getting interesting. Or annoying, depending on whether you are a beneficiary or not.

This from Robert Walters says new starter salaries are up by as much as 15%, and 43% of companies plan to increase pay for existing staff to match those wages.

Half of professionals don’t even ask about flexi-working in interviews anymore – they assume it is a given.


Move fast and fix things

Tomorrow's Business

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