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SOMETIMES a survey is done asking which profession the Great British Public despises most.

Generally, it’s a three-way tussle for the reverse crown among Estate Agents, Advertisers and Journalists.

What hacks did to get lumped in with estate agents I can’t imagine. There has been the occasional lapse of judgement, I will admit, but we don’t set out to scam you as a matter of policy.

It just happens on the way.

One trade never on the ballot sheet is the PR trade. Because the surveys are always commissioned by PR people.

The digital polling firm, in which I must declare a small financial interest, decided to correct this wrong.

The results are not encouraging, but quite funny.

Findoutnow’s survey of more than 2000 folk — it takes us about 20 minutes to get that many replies, FoN is fast — shows that 35% “totally distrust the PR industry a bit. A slim 1.4% trust the PR industry “completely”.

The regional breakdown shows that Wales (49%) totally distrusts flaks twice as much as Northern Ireland and the British Islands (29%). What have y’all been doing to the Welsh?

Because can segment the results so well, we can reveal that 4.5% of folk who own hanging baskets trust the PR industry “a bit”. So that’s something to work on.

By newspaper readership, the Daily Star is the most sceptical, with 56.5% claiming to “totally distrust” your work.

You may interrogate the data further here.

Have a nice weekend.


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