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Punch me in the head

If you went to Google News this morning to see what it had to offer on Tesco’s half-year results you would have seen a predictable list.

The BBC take was top, it often is, The Guardian second, followed by City AM and further down The Times, the Evening Standard.

But who was that at number four? Hargreaves Lansdown, which you will be aware is not a newspaper – it flogs shares and funds to small investors, brilliantly well.

The HL link takes you to a very straight take on the results from its own analyst Sophie Lund-Yates, which goes into the figures in more depth than newspapers tend to, but avoids the colour we hacks like.

It is competent, to say the least, and more widely read than other efforts, including mine. (Not bitter.)

If HL customers who own Tesco shares are happy to rely on their broker for news and commentary on the company, should newspapers set up share dealing arms? (They have tried.)

If non-news organisations are going to make a decent stab at doing news, are the rest of us wasting our time?

Do PR people need to start lunching non-journalist journalists rather than the “real” ones.

Are we all doomed?

Someone cheer me up.

Press release of the day

EU truckers and warehouse workers won’t be racing to rescue the Great British Xmas, warns this from ParcelHero.

Yesterday the PM revealed that only 127 overseas drivers have been granted HGV visas so far.

ParcelHero’s David Jinks says: “The Government’s original, curmudgeonly terms, which would have meant drivers had to return home after Christmas Eve, created almost no interest. What did the Government expect after we effectively threw out thousands of European drivers as “unskilled” workers at the end of last year, following Brexit?”


Punch me in the head

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