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Ring, ring. A sample of calls this week from flaks, who are certain that I am going to be interested in what they have to sell.

One knows for sure I’m interested in the latest trends in management consultancy. Another is confident I regularly write about tech companies. A third thinks I specialise in the accountancy industry.

All are surprised and disappointed to be told, politely I hope, that they are wasting their time. A computer somewhere is telling them I write about those things, which I may have done on occasion.

The computer is not telling them how often or in what tone of voice. Downright sarcastically if it’s management consultancy.

The list of fun things for flaks to do can’t include cold calling hacks they don’t know with stuff they don’t want.

From our side of the fence, it is constantly surprising that the flak hasn’t done just a bit more research before they made a call that was doomed to go nowhere.

Asked if they even read the publication to which they are making a pitch, plenty of flaks cheerfully admit they do not. It’s not a route to success.


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