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A PING and a ring. The email lands, the call seconds later.

The flaks are spinning hard on behalf of a casino firm. Did we know that video games of a certain vintage are so valuable they’ve actually outperformed the London housing market?

It’s not obvious why the London housing market is a good comparison point for video games, but we can leave that aside.

The real issue is that this piece of flakery was being pushed just hours after that very same casino firm had been whacked with a massive fine from the Gambling Commission for money laundering failures and other issues.

The flaks behind this work aren’t the corporate guys, of course. They do the jolly consumer stuff.

But it doesn’t seem too much to expect them to have a grasp of what is in the news about their clients. And that would at least save them from embarrassment on occasions like this.

If only there were some smart AI driven firm, a Signalling type of system, that could tell you immediately what the world’s media is saying about your own business….


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