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The 20 best rules you never heard of

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The 20 best rules you never heard of

Lovable Jacob Rees-Mogg – what’s not to like about this guy? – has another new job.

As Brexit opportunities minister he is on the hunt for 1000 regulations that we can bonfire. This will be such a cinch he has asked readers of The Sun to write in with the petty EU rules that should be abolished.

More thoughtful is Martin Wolf in Monday’s FT, who thinks Fishing for Brexit opportunities is poor sport.

The risk is that this “might, once again, turn the UK into a leading player in a global regulatory race to the bottom, rather like the one that preceded the 2008 financial crisis”.

Quite. When it comes to the issue of regulation, the starting point is nearly always there is too much of it, rather than that the rules are there for a reason.

My inbox is full of free marketers who want regulations binned.

A challenge for the PR trade – find the 20 best bits of regulation in the UK, the rules that created wealth and silently saved us from ourselves without us realising.

An obvious example has to be the rule that helmets are mandatory for motorcyclists. Which led to the invention of a fun, innovative, even arty industry that also saved many lives.

People not dying = good for the economy.

Our Find Out Now poll this week asked 1000 people: Jacob Rees-Mogg has been asked to find 1000 regulations we want to get rid of. What do you think of this idea?

This was a free text question – respondents could say what they like. Which is always interesting, even if it makes the poll harder to interpret.

You can see a breakdown here.

In which industries and regions are you most likely to be made redundant?

Utility Bidder looked through government data to get the answer. And it is bad news if you work in admin in London. Manufacturing in the West Midlands is also dicey.

Young people are the least likely to be made redundant though this doesn’t say if that is because they are cheaper to employ.

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