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The benefits of *KIS

Another day, another big stock market float, today from Deliveroo which looks for a value of towards £9 billion.

How can it possibly be worth this much?

There are going to be a flood of these in the next few months – never before have so many firms gone public while the public are in enforced privacy.

Which makes me feel a bit sorry for younger hacks and flaks, perhaps trying to get their head around complicated stuff without the benefit of an old hand sitting next to them.

Normally, they would be picking up useful ideas from the older folk automatically, without having to ask. Now they have to be bold enough to ask stupid questions, even while not knowing what those questions might be.

(The oldsters don’t have the benefit of someone with a younger, better memory, either).

Which makes me think there is even more benefit than usual in *Keeping it Simple.

Most of the analysis I’ve seen so far on Deliveroo has tended towards the techy side, which is absolutely fine. But the reader finds herself thinking, just go back ten spaces and start again…

On Deliveroo in particular, I want to know how the company can give its top riders a bonus of £10,000, while still insisting those drivers are not staff.

Tell us, starting right at the beginning.

Press release of the day

How has poor mental health hit business? This from Direct Line says one in three small business owners have had sleepless nights.

More than one in ten expect stress levels to increase in the next year. Legal matters in particular seem to have a bad effect on mental health.


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