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The best hack in town results

It was close. And given that the comments (and the votes) were anonymous, the flak trade was a lot nicer about our trade that it needed to be.

But after two tense days of voting, Ian King emerged as the winner of the inaugural TB City Commentator of the Year award.

True, as he would say, there was a brief period when Alistair Osborne of The Times was ahead. But wiser heads prevailed, to leave the top three as King, Ollie Shah and Matthew Vincent.

They are all very proud.

One reader expressed disappointment that I wasn’t in the running, since this denied them the opportunity of not voting for me.

The best point made was that there weren’t enough women on the list. It’s a fair shout. There aren’t enough women at the top of financial journalism, period, but we might have tried harder.

The most “pro-business” paper in the view of the flaks is the FT, with The Telegraph not far behind.

There’s some dispute as to whether those papers are pro-business, or just pro-business people, which is plainly not the same.

We’ll leave you with the words of the voter who, “chose both Patrick Hosking and Matthew Vincent on grounds of both journalistic skill and gentlemanly conduct. Both are far nicer than they strictly need to be given their seniority – a couple of others on the list could learn from them…”

You can see the results and comments here.

We shall return in the New Year. Happy Christmas.


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