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Things I never thought I’d say: I feel a bit sorry for Sir Martin Sorrell.

The papers absolutely went for the WPP boss today, the Daily Mail most noticeable for its “Humiliation of £495 million tycoon” spread, which includes a bashing from a non-business writer, Richard Kay, about the “little Napoleon of ad men”, who has made the terrible mistake of not liking Brexit.

The alleged offences for which Sir Martin is under investigation seem minor. They look like a ruse to force him out.

Andrew Hill is good in the FT today, noting: “… while Sir Martin may be able to bat away the current allegations, it is becoming clear that he is no longer the author of his own destiny”.

This is an unfortunate turn out for someone who has always been so proactive with the press. He’s good at PR. More than any other CEO, perhaps with the exception of Sir Philip Green, he returns calls and emails immediately. He understands what we need.

While he doesn’t care much for being contradicted, it’s perfectly possible to have an argument with him without offence being taken.

The Mail’s spread suggests he’s upset more than a few people in his ride to the top. His downfall will be enjoyed by many, though I am beginning to find the endless references to his height and his much younger wife a bit mean.

One question of intrigue….who is spinning against Sir Martin? One rumour in the market place is delicious. But potentially libelous. Sorry.


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