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The Curious Appeal of Borris Johnson

To many of us the idea that Boris Johnson has popular appeal was always mysterious.

His politics seemed entirely limited to things that he thought would endear him to whichever crowd he was talking to at the time.

If you didn’t like those policies, well he had others.

One effect of this approach has been to see him sometimes do the right thing by accident. Not because he cared about the voters per se, just because he cared about them not voting for him again.

Similarly, to the Tories now shaking their heads in dismay and expressing disappointment with the blond boy wonder: erm, how did you think this would turn out?

After this week’s confidence/no-confidence vote we now know what Tory MPs think of him.

What about the public?

Back in November 2021 Find Out Now asked 1000 people what was the first thing they thought of when they thought of Boris. The answers were then grouped, and came out like this:

Hair: 16.5%Prime Minister: 13%Idiot: 10%Buffoon: 7%Liar: 4.3%

When we did the same in April 2022 the answers were:

Liar: 13.5%Idiot: 9.5%Tw*t: 7.5%Buffoon: 4.5%Clown: 4%

On that basis, they have stopped thinking of his hair and his job to focus on the “liar” and “idiot” characteristics. But those polls were just for fun rather than scientific.

Today Find Out Now asked: In your view, can Boris Johnson be trusted in his ongoing role as Prime Minister?

You can see the full results below.


Press release of the day

Seven million households will turn to second hand goods as economic pressures mount, says this from Squire Patton Boggs.

This sort of amounts to saying that poor people will spend less money, but it is quite well done. There are some good charts.

It will be interesting to see if “ethical” shopping takes a hit if there is a recession.

Stories that will keep rolling

1)Who is doing a better job of managing inflation, the US or China?

2) Are we glad London avoided most of the absurd Spac boom?

3) How much is the government taking in tax on higher petrol prices?


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