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The curse of the conference call

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An unnecessary tech development is blighting our lives (a bit) and making everything slower.

In the old days on results calls, the flak (or indeed the CEO) would do this: call me.

For reasons I can’t figure out, lately, even for people I’ve been speaking to for years, I must dial in to a conference call. Enter a PIN, which I’ve lost, and sometimes another number.

Wait. And wait.

Then it doesn’t work, and the flak/CEO rings me just like they used to.

I think the explanation for this is that the people on the call are in different locations. So the flak worries that if I’m getting a bit shirty, she won’t be so easily able to cut in, set me straight and protect the client.

But the sound quality on these things is always worse than a simple phone call, so you end up doing the phone call anyway to decipher what was said in-between the crackles.

In the great scheme of things, and as irritants go, this is not that big a deal.

Sometimes though the flak is overestimating the interest the hack has in doing the call in the first place. Sometimes we’re just being polite (really).


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