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The PR Opportunity behind the Barclays fraud trial

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One of the most important corporate court cases in ages started this week – the SFO’s flagship trial against four former Barclays executives.

This is a massive case for the individuals, of course, but also for the SFO and the bank. Press interest in it is huge and demand from editors for coverage will far exceed the amount of news actually arriving each day.

For one thing, it’s quite hard to see how the court can select a jury that isn’t biased one way or another on the bankers, or that can truly understand the complex issues at hand, or that is able to take the six months off work likely to be needed.

I think this is where you and your expert clients come in.

How does that jury get selected? What do the ups and downs of the trial mean for Amanda Staveley’s £1.5 billion lawsuit against the bank?

What will the fallout be if the case just collapses?

We can’t report stuff that might prejudice the outcome of the trial, of course, but within those restrictions we might like to report almost anything else.

Lawyers with interesting opinions on the case looking for publicity will do well, I think.


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