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The price of title inflation

Economists are worrying about inflation, which they fear could derail the Covid recovery plan.

Hacks are worrying about something else – title inflation. In the old days we had chief executives, we had analysts and we had directors.

Lately that won’t suffice, it seems. Everybody is the Senior Consultant to the Committee on Plant Based Meat Alternatives, or the Director of Life Enhancement.

In a little while, I am talking to someone who is the Vice-President of Strategy.

What does that mean? Is she one down from the chairman, or one up from the intern?

Two thoughts:

1)    The Capital Letters Are Annoying. And they don’t look right on a newspaper page. I might go by Senior City Correspondent on my business card, but if asked my job is “reporter”.

2)    The title inflation has become so bad that I tend not to use any description apart from CEO or chairman. I will allow that HM Elizabeth II is Queen.

Everyone else is just Steve Smith of Aviva.

So the insistence on an important-sounding job has just led to nearly everyone being downgraded.

This is the fault of the clients rather than the flaks, probably.

Still, have a word….

Press release of the day

Nice one here from the Office for National Statistics — Economies of ale: pubs in the time of Covid-19.

The number of pub landlords with “high confidence” their business will survive has risen above 20% for the first time since November 2020.

The ONS always does good stuff, but it is not always user friendly. This one works.


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