The problem with (some of) the PR trade

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The problem with (some of) the PR trade

Is public relations rife with charlatans? This interesting piece reports, sadly, yes.

He writes: “In my years of working in commercial communications, I’ve noticed something worrying. There are more than a few charlatans in the field. And also lots who are well meaning, but not in the least well equipped for the job. In some organisations, the sort which never sack anyone (you know the ones), it’s curious how the problem staff are often put in charge of communications.”

Ouch. Now, this doesn’t apply to TB readers, sincerely it doesn’t, but the fact that it applies at all is a problem.

When TB has, occasionally, highlighted bad or bizarre practice in the past, the skilled London PR exec has felt compelled to complain: “That’s not fair. We don’t do that. None of my staff do that.”

Indeed not, but outside the professional end of the PR trade are leagues of other stuff. In some ways, it is harmless. The time of some hacks was wasted; no one died.

But clients of these firms quickly get the idea that PR is a waste of both time and money, with lofty promises of widespread coverage turning to nothing.

Which in turn hurts the good end of the industry, much of which is excellent.

I don’t know what the answer to this problem is. Do you?

Press release of the day

Should Tesla be investing in bitcoin?

A strong view here from Tatton Investment Management, which says not.

“A car manufacturer investing in bitcoin and changing its corporate structure to do so is a major concern,” says Lothar Mentel.

Would Volkswagen do the same? No. Good point.


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