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The tyranny of forwarded emails

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The tyranny of forwarded emails

How many people employed in hack and flak land see it as their principal duty to forward emails?

My unscientific study says there are 20,000 of them in London alone and they are in my inbox right now.

On one level this could be harmless. They are just flagging something. Just putting it on my radar. On another, it’s a way of abdicating responsibility, of creating email chains that might pass for proper work but are not it.

Forwarded emails are a tyranny on the rest of us and another reason to avoid the office, where awaits a phone call or a colleague asking “did you get that email?”

It feels to me that the back-to-the-office mantra has subsided lately. We are going to win this one.

A good Pilita Clark column in the FT last week was headlined “Minority staff want to spend more time working from home.”

Her evidence comes from data collected in the US. African, Asian and Black Americans all want to WFH more than white Americans.

You don’t have to be a race relations expert to guess why this might be.

I wonder what the equivalent findings would be in London, in journalism and in PR.

Today’s Find Out Now poll had a go. We asked how many days a week office staff should be allowed to work from home. You can see the results and some breakdowns below.

Press release of the day

How is criticism at work handled in different cultures, asks this from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

When it’s done right, it is solution orientated.

German workers are most likely to complain about being criticised. The French most likely to avoid conflict.

We don’t talk about work enough. We’re just supposed to do it.


If market failures exist, what are the others?

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A thing of beauty from Yorkshire Tea


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