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The worst PR in the world, day 2

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The worst PR in the world, day 2

Yesterday we asked who did PR for big football clubs and concluded that based on results, the answer must be: no one.

We were wrong. The agency spinning the idea of a European Super League is  iNHouse Communications, a Westminster firm led by folk with close links to Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

All of whom have flawless reputations.

Boris says on their website that they are “the Fortnum and Mason of communications”, one of those typical Boris-isms that needn’t be taken the way he means it. (Bunch of overpriced poshos?)

On the football story, they face what I believe you flak types call “a challenge”.

iNHouse’s take on the matter: “Once we get over the initial hurdle in terms of the news breaking there are good points about solidarity payments to be told and English football will take a lot of that money for the grassroots game.”

I wonder if they even remotely believe that.

Lord Sugar had a better take, describing the money heading into football as prune-juice.

It will run straight through the clubs to the players.

Industry bible PR Week headlined its own bit: “Unforgivable, tone-deaf land grab”.

Fence sitters.

For balance, I turn to Sky News to hear one talking-head accuse the football clubs of having a “blatant disregard for the concept of levelling up” and engaging in a “blatant attempt to rig the system”, which requires immediate government intervention.

Who was this rabble-rousing lefty? Er, Jim O’Neill. Baron O’Neill of Gatley. Former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury. Ex chief economist of Goldman Sachs.

That Jim O’Neill.

Allow me one last indulgence before I move on.

The clubs that think they are too good for the Champions League include: Manchester City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid.

Combined, they have won the European Cup once. As many times as Aston Villa.

And half as many times as Nottingham Forest.

Press release of the day

Do you need a university education to excel in finance? This from Theta Global argues perhaps not.

Firms certainly should look outside obvious pools to find and nurture talent, it says.

They should “open internship opportunities to those beyond just university attendees”.


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