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The worst public relations in the world

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The worst public relations in the world

Who does PR for big football clubs? Absolutely nobody. At least, that is my fairly extensive experience.

Football flaks might be good at keeping up with football hacks. Dropping them the odd transfer story, protecting the manager from the most brutal coverage.

But when it comes to the corporate side of football – the actual business, they are usually missing in action.

They put out statements that “confirm” things we all knew a week ago. Otherwise, they say no comment. They are like big tech in that respect.

Too self-important to engage with mere hacks (or indeed the paying public).

Which is why you get the spectacular PR mess that is the leaked news yesterday that six of the biggest English clubs (at least in their own minds) plan to form a breakaway European Super League.

For the love of the gameobviously.

There is a possibility that this popped out as a cunning ruse to strengthen cash negotiations with UEFA, but I seriously doubt it. They just aren’t that smart.

They got an immediate and almighty kicking from, well, pretty much everyone, a beating that will continue for at least the rest of the week and even after they have said sorry.

The news came out in such a cack-handed manner that they even had Gary Neville and Roy Keane agreeing with each other live on Sky Sports, something they are usually contractually obliged to avoid.

Famed football fans JP Morgan are involved – which will certainly help counter the idea that this is a tawdry money grab by overseas owners who couldn’t care less about football.

Gary Lineker hates the idea. So does Boris Johnson. It’s a matter of time only before the Queen lets her disapproval be known.

The Big Six need PR help. I sincerely hope they don’t get it.

Press release of the day

Businesses have lost an average of £660,193 each due to inefficient Covid testing, says this from Contact Harald.

That’s an oddly specific number, but the point must be right.

Teams, departments and entire firms have had to shut down and isolate if just one worker has a positive test.


The art of the blindingly obvious

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The worst PR in the world, day 2


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