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The Green PR Gap

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The green PR gap

sIs “low carbon” just a passing fad to which large companies pay lip-service only?

Is greenwashing rife?

Interesting work here from think tank InfluenceMap suggests the answer to both questions is yes.

Big Oil is long on green PR and short on action.

The report finds that 60% of the public messages from BP, Shell, Chevron and the rest contain environmentally friendly claims.

But only 12% of their capex is low-carbon.

They are talking the talk but not walking the walk.

The researchers reckon the big five oil companies spent $750 million on green PR in 2021. An amount that does not include the money spent on external PR agencies.

So let’s say that’ $1 billion worth of greenwashing a year.

The report says “there is a systematic misalignment between the business models and lobbying activities of these oil supermajors when compared with their public relations strategies”.

It will be interesting to see if this work gets much pick-up.

And one wonders if in meetings the top PR execs are now saying to the bosses, look, we can’t keep just saying it, we’ve got to actually do it. People are noticing…

For our Find Out Now poll this week we asked: To what extent do you think Shell, and other oil companies, are sincere about their environmental concerns and intentions?

Only 3% of people think they really mean it.

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

One in three of us is thinking of quitting our jobs, says this from Go1.

Gen Z’s are the quittiest of all, walking out within four months if they are unhappy.

The search for a “toxic-free culture” is high on the wish-list. So they won’t be looking for jobs in newspapers.

Will be interesting to see if all this remains true once we are in a recession.

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