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Time for some strike action from Keir Starmer

Some of the usual from the Daily Mail, which is outraged by folk saying they like the rail strikes because they get to work from their gardens for a bit.

Brits thanks “brave lads” it sputtered.

Some of these layabouts posted pictures of the scrambled eggs they were eating in the sun, when they should have been on the 8.05 from Reading.

Don’t they know work is supposed to be grindingly depressing? (I guess if you work at the Mail, it probably is)

If you read the press, and the business press in particular, you might think that the nation is overwhelmingly united against the rail strikes.

Is this so? For our Find Out Now poll we asked more than 3000 people if they support the strikes or not: 28% do, and 31% don’t. The rest aren’t sure.

Men are more in favour than women, young people more in favour than old people.

Roughly half who have an opinion are with the Daily Mail. The other half with an opinion are with the strikers. The rest are open to persuasion.

Me too. I’m not sure what I think, but I do know that the only political party trying to persuade me is the Conservatives.

Labour are nearly nowhere on this, saying the strikes are the government’s fault but declining to say whether it supports them or not.

Political strategists would say this is a wedge issue for Labour, one where they think it more important not to offend floating voters than to give succour to their own.

Surely there is something to be said for actually saying what you think. Maybe that might be worth a vote or too.

You can see the full poll results below.

Press release of the day

More than a quarter of retailers are just four weeks away from going bust due to supply chain issues, says this from Brightpearl.

The luxury goods sector is hardest hit, which may not be a tragedy. But it is plainly a serious problem for the entire industry.

Brightpearl CEO Derek O’Carroll said: “We are in the worst supply chain crisis that any of us can remember and there is no sign of the problems easing before the end of the year.”

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Has demand for new homes dropped at Berkeley due to rising interest rates?

2) Is giving staff a living-cost bonus a good idea?

3) Is inflation higher or lower than feared?

4) Is LionTrust beating its benchmarks or not?


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