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To Russia, with love continued

To Russia, with love continued

Yesterday we asked if the PR trade should be distancing itself from Russian clients – ditching them at least until the Ukraine situation is sorted.

The view from the industry was, more or less, if Gazprom and co are sanctioned, that’s that. Otherwise, well, there’s money to be made…

For our Find Out Now poll this week we asked more than 2000 “*informed people” two questions related to the issue. (*We define that as people who read a quality newspaper and take an interest in politics.)

City PR firms should stop doing business with Russian firms: how much do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The results are clear – 57% agree “somewhat” or “strongly”.

Smart people think you really shouldn’t be doing this stuff for these guys.

Older folk give you a break but the 18-24 crowd think working for the Russians just now is bang out of order.

(You can segment those results in about a hundred different ways, including exercise, meat consumption, pet ownership and most other things you might think of.)

The same group was posed: Sir Keir Starmer was right to call on the Conservatives to return £5m donated to their political party from Russian-linked sources.

Nearly 70% agree or somewhat agree. So I guess the Tories will be returning that money right swift.

We also asked a general cross section of the population: Should British troops get involved in Ukraine if Russia invades? You can see the national representative results below.

Nine million Brits have changed jobs during Covid, says this from LV=.

That’s an estimate rather than a definite number, but it feels right. I’ve never known so many people move about.

Mostly, people wanted more money. One in five actually took a pay cut though, a lifestyle issue presumably.

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To Russia, with love

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