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Too much spin turns the pro’s off Boris

Too much spin turns the pro's off Boris

Has a surfeit of government spin put off the professional spin doctors?

Our Find Out Now poll today suggests that it has.

We asked 2000 professionals, who we know voted Conservative last time:

“If there were a General Election tomorrow, which party, if any, would you vote for?”

The results just look flat out bad for Boris.

Only 47% of these formerly Tory voters are sure they’d vote for him. In second place, comes the don’t knows. Labour is only winning over 6%, which isn’t a massive swing but might be enough.

The breakdown by profession is interesting.

Some highlights: Media 39%, Property 48%, Retail 48%, Military 57% and Pharma 37%.

And only 41% of people who work in PR, remember they voted Conservative last time, say they would vote Tory now.

That feels like quite a key constituency for him to have lost.

For a start, I think it is fair to say the PR trade leans right by nature. It speaks for and advises big business. It is close to the City, to captains of industry.

It might have all sorts of concerns to do with equality and social responsibility, but who says they are just left-wing issues.

Moreover, you think it might have sympathy with messaging problems. A lot of the Tory party’s present woes are connected to how parts of it behaved. But a big chunk is how they talked about it.

According to our poll, even if they are just PR problems, much of the actual PR industry has had enough.

You can see the raw results here.

Over 40% of us have less money than we did before Covid says this from Toluna.

Rising energy costs and other inflation is forcing people into frugality, which must surely hit the economy later on this year.

Despite the supposed jobs boom, one-fifth are worried about job security.

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