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A source of irritation among business hacks: that there aren’t more proper business programs on mainstream radio and TV.

Economics makes its way onto the nightly news all the time, of course, but still seldom merits its own show. Which is odd, given that people are interested in few things more than money.

There’s Ian King doing fine work every day at Sky, of course. Beyond that, well the closest to regular biz shows is the entirely awful Dragon’s Den and possibly even worse, The Apprentice.

The vision these shows present of business is absurd.

It’s a bunch of show offs competing to go on about how great they are, with the assumption being that if they say it confidently enough, they will win prizes.

The flak trade seems to make the mistake that hacks must like these shows.

Hence the large number of press releases that begin “as the final of The Apprentice approaches…” or “as you will have recently seen on Dragon’s Den…”

A short route to the bin is that.


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