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Since some of you think the purpose of TB is to hector innocent, honest, hard-working flaks, we’ll give you the chance to hector back: What do you want to see in TB next year?

The actual point of the newsletter has been to give an insight into how hacks think. How we tend to see things. What’s on our agenda tomorrow. How papers (mal) function.

The more experienced of you already know all that, of course, but occasionally, you tell me, something in the note gives you an idea, or gets you out of jail with a client.

Hopefully, we only need to do that once in a while for TB to be worth its space in your day.

Topics we cover have expanded to include media news, such as, who is going to be the next editor of the Daily Mail? We could do more on PR appointments, or more on client wins by agencies, if there were appetite. (This would be a client loss for someone, of course…)

TB is perhaps less successful when it tries to get into the heads of flaks. So you can do that bit. What’s on your mind? Last year we proposed an occasional Flak Bites Back column, where you’d get to (anonymously) offload what irritates you about hacks.

Truthfully, the entries were just way too long. Because quite a lot annoys you, apparently. Have another go. Keep it snappy — 300 words tops.

All other suggestions thankfully received.

We’re out for now. See you next year.


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