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Why Boris isn’t done yet

Which potential leaders of the Tory party are most in need of PR help?

You are going to say Boris Johnson, the man whose parties are so bad he thinks he is at work, and you are right in a way.

But it isn’t that straightforward.

For our Find Out Now poll this week we asked 4573 people – yesterday after PMQs – this question:

If there were a Conservative leadership election contest tomorrow, who would you prefer to win and become the next Prime Minister?

So, because this was a general poll, the most popular answer was “Don’t Know” at 48%.

Now, this is important. Most pollsters are paying people to give an opinion, so they give one, even if in truth they are ambivalent. Moreover the sort of people who take money to fill in polls are probably more engaged in politics than everyone else.

If you are a TV reporter seeking reaction, the person who shrugs doesn’t make the edit.

So the impression left is that just everyone is thinking about this issue and has a strong feeling. Nearly half of the population doesn’t. They might be mad at Boris, but he hasn’t entirely lost them, yet.

The second most common answer was Rishi Sunak, which may be a name recognition issue. In third place, with 12%? Boris Johnson.

And the potential leaders in serious need of some good PR? Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid, all at 3%.

How much would it cost Premier League clubs if fans aren’t allowed back in stadiums?

This from OLBG (bookies, but they don’t tell you that) has the answers.

Manchester United are top at £2.26 million – they have to be top at something, I guess.

Then Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Chelsea has lower capacity than rivals, but charges more for seats. Of course.

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