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My inbox is overflowing with general election related stuff, and most of it’s perfectly ok. It’s also quite limited.

Typically, it’s an expert talking about the pound or the FTSE and speculating where they might go next, depending on Thursday’s result.

As I say, it’s fine, but there’s more than enough of it.

It’d be good to read, over the next three days, some more nuanced stuff on issues beyond sterling and shares.

Say, what would the gilts market do if Labour got in and actually implemented its manifesto? Something thoughtful rather than apocalyptic. We can leave the screeching about the end of the world to the politics desk.

There also hasn’t been enough specific analysis about Labour’s plans to appropriate 10% of the equity of every company with more than 250 employees. What is the legality of this when it comes to the UK arm of, say, Amazon or Coca-Cola?

And what would UK institutional shareholders do?

It’s easy to see why the policy is potentially destructive. Be quite refreshing to see some big companies come out and say, actually, with a few tweaks, we sort of like this idea.

Here’s how it could be done…


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