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You Are Evil! Please Come On My Show…

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You are evil! Please come on my show...

Last week I mused that supermarket chiefs weren’t doing enough PR. The old grocer bosses – Justin King, Sir Terry Leahy – were much less camera shy.

And they didn’t mind an argument. They knew what they were doing, bring it on.

Why aren’t the new crop front and centre on the cost of living/inflation debate?

Why aren’t they pointing out just how well our supermarkets handled the Covid crisis, and coming up with public suggestions for dealing with the next one?

A flak writes in to take issue: “Going on TV/Radio to be told you’re a lying, overpaid sonofabitch who is fleecing consumers and is personally responsible for the cost of living crisis might be losing its appeal a bit.”

It’s a reasonable point. Certainly, listening to regulators or energy bosses on the radio or before MPs lately is slightly exasperating.

The tone is: if you can afford your own power bill it must be because you are paid too much; why are you so evil?

It might be entertaining, but mostly the viewer is left thinking: let him answer!

Ian King on Sky aside, there aren’t enough business broadcasts that get this balance right.

The broadsheet business papers understand the CEO point of view rather too well.

The mainstream press and broadcasters make their starting assumption that almost any profit is evidence of gouging.

Better hack (and maybe flak) work needed.

Press release of the day


Which will be the top 10 performing cities, economically, next year?

This from the Centre for Economics and Business Research has some answers.

It has Milton Keynes top, followed by Peterborough and Reading.

There’s not much farther North, suggesting levelling-up isn’t really working.

“Over the past 12 months, employees have been questioning the type of work they’re doing and how their salaries match their expectations. Employers are under more pressure to retain their staff and ensure that they are prioritising their mental health and overall wellbeing, this includes financial wellbeing too.”

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Do March figures suggest cracks in the employment market already appearing? Is pay now running well behind inflation?

2) How much pressure is Voda boss Nick Read under from activist investors?

3) Is the Bank of England plagued by groupthink?

4) What is inflation doing to JD Sports?


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