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Zooming around the flak trade

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Are we all Zoomed out? Certainly, I have done enough to last me, but they are not all bad.

Two things about them seem helpful.

One is that young folk who might otherwise have kept shtum seem empowered, more willing, to speak out when it’s a group Zoom rather than a meeting in an office.

I’m not quite sure why this should be so, but it is, and old people used to taking up most of the oxygen have to concede this is a good development.

Second, a tech reporter said to me he had found lockdown useful because it had meant he could bypass PR people.

The people he needed to speak with (typically in Silicon Valley) were more willing to do Zoom calls without going through all the rigmarole that they would have done if the PR folk had been in the office arranging it (and then insisting on joining in).

So the new media actually helps hacks ignore flaks, which some of you might have a problem with.

We constantly hear how social media allows Trump et al to bypass the “mainstream media”.

It turns out there is no reason why that should be one-way traffic.


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