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Voice Notes - Travel

The Travel industry's matchmaker app, connecting journalists and their story requests to PRs and their clients.

Right pitch, right on time 

Imagine being telepathic and knowing exactly what a journalist wants to hear about and when, so you know exactly the right moment to drop your pitch. Almost to the minute.

And not only that, but they’ll also let you know exactly the kind of story they’re looking for, so you can tailor your pitch perfectly.

Find your pitch’s perfect match 

We’ll let you know what journalists are looking for and when, so you can skip the queue and send a voice note directly to their phone.

Roxhill Voice Notes helps you bridge the pitching gap for the cost of a coffee a day. Make sure you find your pitch’s perfect match with Roxhill Voice Notes.

Stop chasing, start connecting

Forget the unanswered emails and endless chasing hard-to-pin-down journalists. We’ll put you front and centre, without you having to move from your sofa. With Roxhill Voice Notes, you’ll have access to the perfect pitching opportunities in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is swipe and send a voice note straight from your phone to a journalist’s phone.

Let Roxhill Voice Notes be your matchmaker.

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For access to Voice Notes please download the app and request to join with PR access. Alternatively, email us at

User reviews


One of the greatest software innovations within the PR / Journalism industry in many, many years.

Fiona Duncan


This is going to revolutionise my ability to source stories. It’s a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to get started with it. I’ve already got a dozen stories I want to post on RVN.


Voice note pitching is genius, it's going to save so much time for not only the journalists but us as PRs as well. It will all feel far more streamlined, personal and focused. Hopefully the journalists will feel they are accessing news much faster and getting bits they actually need rather than lots of fluff!


The ability to make a request of PRs in seconds, and then watch the responses instantly pour in, is an invaluable tool. Plus, the versatility of the app means you can even listen to responses on the tube – perfect for our new world of hybrid working


This platform is a revolutionary tool required in the PR world that will benefit both PRs and time-poor journalists. Streamlined and effective, personal and efficient, Roxhill Voice Notes will allow for quick and easy interaction to help us all do our jobs better.


I’m looking forward to using this form of targeted and streamlined communication as a research resource for investigating and planning trips and features.

Lisa Grainger


Anything that allows me to contact PRs, explain what I need for a story, and get all their responses back in one feed sounds like a fabulous tool to me. I spend so much time rifling through emails trying to find replies that this sounds incredibly useful. Particularly given that, once PRs have replied, they can then email me with more info. As long as PRs don't then share this request with other journalists - and give away what features we will be running - I can see me using it all the time.


I can’t wait to start using Roxhill Voice Notes. We’re expecting it to make a huge difference to the way we work and communicate with PRs


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