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June 2022

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From working with PRs and journalists day in and day out, we know what you need to unlock your PR potential.

Invaluable PR resources written by top PRs and leading journalists, with tips and tricks on how you can succeed.

How to become a PR pro

Set yourself apart as a PR who means business by always following these simple PR commandments.

We’ve put together a list of terms that you need to know to sound like a pro in the industry.

More than just press releases, a PR’s job relies on befriending journalists. Find out the insider tips on how to do just that.


We talk to journalists every day to find out how PRs can stand out and have compiled an essential checklist for pitching.

The images you send to journalists have the ability to strengthen your pitch, so make sure you pick a good image with our top tips.

If you had 60 seconds with a journalist, would you know how to persuade them to feature your story? Find your formula for the perfect elevator pitch.

Often the hardest thing to do is explain why a story is important to an audience. Read the blog post for 9 tips on how to get your story selected by the BBC.

Press Releases

Unlock the secrets to writing a press release and making it shine. With tips straight from the horse’s mouth, read the blog to see what impresses journalists.

Do you ever send staggered press releases? A standard in a PR’s toolbox, read the article to see what journalists really think of them.

Richard Mellor on resending press releases, what irks him and if you have to do it, how best to. 

More tips and tricks

Fake journalist requests are harder to spot than ever before. We’re here to help, so we’ve pulled together over 50 years of PR experience and come up with this essential guide to help you immediately spot a fake journalist request when you see it.

A cheat sheet by Hugh Morris. Whether you are a seasoned PR, or new to the game, knowing how to make the most of a press interview can make the difference between ending up on the cutting room floor or your quotes leading a piece.

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