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Alerts & Media Requests

Roxhill’s fully customised alerts help you stay informed of journalist moves, media requests, forward features, social media posts, and more.


Be first in line to receive the right alerts, at the right time

Never miss a journalist move by creating custom notifications for the writers in which you’re interested.

You can also create notifications for article headlines, social media posts, forward features and media requests. 

Make getting bombarded by emails a thing of the past

Set your own timings for what you get notified about, how you get notified, and when/how often you receive your notifications with Alert Types, and Advanced Notification Settings.

Get notified as much or as little as you want, with options to choose what time you get alert report emails, how often, and on which days of the week.

See it all in one place

If notifications aren’t for you, you can switch them off altogether to view your alerts on your Roxhill dashboard.

You can customise what you see first when you log in, so you can start your day with a clear view into what’s changed, and what updates you need to make.

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