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Journalist Profile Search

Efficiently find the right journalists from thousands of profiles by topic, sector, keyword and company in seconds, to pinpoint who’s writing about the issues relevant to you.​


Delivering the right results fast​

Our unique topic search will return those journalists most interested in the topics you care about. 

Easily and efficiently find articles and social posts to highlight the outlets and journalists most interested in engaging with your campaigns. 

Topic, Sector and Keyword search

Discover new journalists in sectors of interest, and use keyword search to show who’s discussing the issues you care about.

Using topic, sector and keyword search you can quickly and accurately create a target list for journalists you want to pitch to.

Explore journalist's social posts​​

Using Keyword search will reveal the social posts for those journalists that have a shared interest in the topics you are interested in.

Checking a journalist’s social media activity can give you great added insight into what they’re most interested in, and whether your pitch may or may not be relevant to them.

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