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How we can help you.

Find relevant journalists for your campaign

Discover the journalists who are most interested in the topics you care about and understand what drives them. Search by topic, sector, keyword and company in seconds, and create a target list of journalists waiting to hear your story.

Explore journalist's social posts

Access a journalist’s live Twitter and Instagram feeds in the database, so you can reveal the common areas of interest, and target your stories with precision.

Get direct access to journalists

We host weekly webinars with top journalists and have an archive of over 100+ replays for you to access, as well as creating educational guides to help you answer the four critical PR questions – who, how and when to contact, and what to pitch?

Keep up-to-date with journalist moves

Keep up-to-date with journalist moves with our instant customisable alerts, with over 50 moves updated a day, you’ll never be out of the loop. You can also set alerts for article headlines, social media posts and media requests, so stay connected with it all.

Track trends in the media landscape

Stay ahead of trends by tracking keyword mentions on subjects gaining momentum in your sector. Whether it’s print or online media, Twitter or Instagram trends, Pinpoint allows you to compare media activity across multiple sources. Giving you a comprehensive view of your media landscape.

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