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PR Trend Analysis Tool

Roxhill’s PR analysis tools helps you pinpoint the latest PR trends and media opportunities, giving you a deeper understanding of the issues impacting your business. 


View the topics trending in your industry with ease

Stay ahead of trends by identifying the topics gaining traction in your sector with our analysis tool, Pinpoint. 

The dynamic interface shows you keyword mentions across traditional media and socials, in whatever timeline you set.

Track multiple media sources

Whether it’s print or online media, social media trends, Pinpoint allows you to compare media activity across multiple sources, giving you a comprehensive view of your media landscape.

Segment your results by key dates, or focus on specific sectors, countries, outlets or journalists.

Predict trends with Pinpoint, and plan your campaigns accordingly

Certain keywords will routinely gain momentum based on certain times of year, holidays, and events.

Adjust the timeline on Pinpoint to track how the keyword has performed over time, and use that knowledge to plan your future releases and campaigns.

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