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Innovative Digital PR Software to help you connect with leading journalists. With in-app social feeds, webinars and online pitching tools, you get more than just a media database with Roxhill.


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Build your relationships with journalists by gaining an understanding of their biographies, contact details, coverage, articles and social media activity.

Our PR software gives you the insight needed to search for and find the right journalists quickly and build lasting relationships with them.

Our media database and journalist profiles allow you to familiarise yourself with journalists’ biographies, their current focus via live Twitter and Instagram feeds, and what stories they’re interested in.

We interview the finest journalists in the U.K. to bring you exclusive pitching guides and insight and to help you best tailor your pitches.

Every journalist is different, and so is the routine at each publication. With Roxhill’s media database and PR software, you get all the information you need to know exactly the right time to land in each journalist’s inbox.

We run weekly events with top journalists from all the top publications, so you can hear directly from them and tailor your approach.

Find out how to get in touch

With Roxhill’s unmatched data accuracy, you gain quick and easy access to the journalists you need to contact, and keep on top of important journalist moves with our media database.

Avoid bouncebacks with automated alerts to your inbox when a contact changes roles (and be first to congratulate them on their move).

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Roxhill Media provides a powerful media database and PR software to help you quickly target the right journalists and generate effective media coverage for your clients and brands.

Looking for PR Training?

Roxhill’s PR Academy is your go-to resource page for junior PR training. Brush up on your basics, hear from seasoned professionals and learn some of the best tips and tricks of the trade. Learn to pitch, how to build a successful media list, and how to build life-long professional relationships with the journalists in your industry.


Client Testimonials

I have used Roxhill to provide my media database in my previous job and now at Charles Russell Speechlys, and couldn’t be more impressed. The database is comprehensive and up-to-date, with great functionality which is so useful for finding out who is writing about what and putting media lists together when I’m up against it for time. But best for me is the efficiency and responsiveness of the Roxhill team – they always respond within minutes to requests I have for them. I know I can rely on them for information and problem-solving – they provide a first-rate service.

Roxhill provides a thorough media database service combined with a fast, effective, personal response to enquiries. They are innovators.

As seasoned users of media databases to build journalist relationships for our clients, we have been very impressed with Roxhill. The database is user-friendly, visually appealing and has accurate and up to date media contacts. The daily alerts about journalist moves help us to keep track of our most valued contacts and the built in media lists save valuable time. Roxhill’s attention to detail and customer service is quick and responsive, we would not hesitate to recommend them.

We transferred to Roxhill as we were convinced that the quality of their media database was richer, and the platform was far more intuitive than its competitors. Not only has this been proven to be the case, we have also regularly witnessed the Roxhill team’s prompt responsiveness to our queries, or willingness to assist in researching contact details for new publications and journalists based overseas.

Roxhill's system and function for topic searching revolutionises the way in which PR’s can approach the media to build relationships and secure coverage and thought leadership opportunities, by identifying the subjects that can be identified as their key focus areas for content, as well as the role they current play.

Roxhill has set the standard for PR databases. After years of putting up with a mediocre service and product, it’s great that someone has finally created a user-friendly, intuitive and up to date product. Black Letter Communications is very happy with Roxhill.

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Upcoming Events

Look ahead and sign up to attend our future events, or browse our past event summaries and webinar replays. We host in-person and online events so you can build meaningful connections with the journalists you need to contact.

Free Pitching Guides

Register and download free eBooks and level up your PR strategy. Hear from the very journalists you’re trying to contact and gain exclusive insight on how to best pitch and land the coverage you need.

Roxhill's pitching guide on the BBC. Learn how to pitch your stories, and gain insight into the big changes for the organisation in 2022.

The PR's Guide to the BBC: The Business Edition

There is more than one way to approach the BBC.

Learn how to pitch your stories, discover the key decision-makers, and gain insight into how your content is treated with our latest update to Roxhill’s guide to the BBC.

Roxhill's pitching guide on the best profile slots, and how to secure them. Discover which journalists are commissioning for the slots you need to secure.

2022 UK Glossy Magazine Special Editions Calendar

Download the all-in-one calendar guide to the special editions that top UK glossy magazines plan to run this year.

Select a month to see which mags are publishing specials, and when they will be on sale, giving you time to perfectly craft and execute your pitch.


How to pitch to the National newspaper supplements

We’ve collected the top tips and tricks from the editors of the leading UK glossy supplements. Our interactive guide is filled with insights straight from the journalists and will enable you to always drop your pitch at the right moment, so you get your client’s stories told.

Roxhill's pitching guide on the Financial Times. A guide to the publication and how to pitch your stories.

How to pitch to the Financial Times

Do you know how to approach the Financial Times?

Download your free eBook today and learn how to gain the attention of FT journalists with your stories.

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