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Journalist Contact List

Build your relationships with journalists by gaining an understanding of their biographies, contact details, coverage, articles and social media activity. Our updated journalist profiles give you the insight needed to find the right journalists quickly and build lasting relationships with them.


Increase your coverage by building better, closer relationships

Engaging journalists is vital to ensure your email is opened and your story is chosen. Target the right journalists with Roxhill’s in-depth analysis of topics, sectors and companies they’ve written about.

Familiarise yourself with their background biographies, their current focus through live Twitter and Instagram feeds, and the stories they’re interested in with Roxhill exclusive interviews, all integrated into the platform.

Prep your pitches like a pro, and never miss an opportunity

All the information you need to produce an informed pitch is in our briefing notes, including biographies, notes, analysis, headlines and tweets.

Discover additional journalists who might be interested in your product, with our peers feature. We identify other relevant journalists for you, so you can expand your press lists and get your story told.

Looking for instructions?

Log into your Roxhill account and view the Journalist Profiles User Guide.

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