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Press Release Distribution

Share your next story with the right journalists, take the admin out of staying GDPR compliant, and measure the impact of your campaigns - all in one place.


Create, preview and send your press releases in one place

Our interactive design tool gives you complete control over how your releases look and means they always look fresh.

Create and save templates with your company’s personalisation, tailor them with journalist information from your lists, and preview your email, all within the database.

Send to GDPR-compliant lists

Contacts that have opted out of receiving communications from you and your colleagues will appear as GDPR Rejected across all your shared lists.

When you send your press releases via a list you curated in Roxhill, you avoid contacting people you shouldn’t.

Save time and plan ahead with our schedule and send tool

Schedule your releases so you can keep being reactive to the market, while knowing your planned campaigns are running smoothly in the background.

Improve results with built-in reporting tools: data on your recipient’s interactions, open-rates, click-rates, unsubscribes and more.

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