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At Roxhill, we speak to top newspaper editors daily and glean as much insight into how they work with PRs as possible. We’ve compiled their best tips into eBooks, which you can find below.

Download our latest free eBooks

Register and download free eBooks and level up your PR strategy. Hear from the very journalists you’re trying to contact and gain exclusive insight on how to best pitch and land the coverage you need.

Consumer eBooks

From starter guides to get you started in your PR career, to some of the most exclusive insights from A-list journalists, our consumer sector eBooks are sure to take your PR strategy to the next level. Discover how Roxhill can work with you, for you.

Available now:

Download the all-in-one calendar guide to the special editions that top UK glossy magazines plan to run this year.

Select a month to see which mags are publishing specials, and when they will be on sale, giving you time to perfectly craft and execute your pitch.

Business eBooks

At Roxhill, we speak to the journalists you’re trying to contact every day, so that we can help you to make the best first impression. Discover exclusive insights from top business journalists, and develop a PR strategy that really works with our business eBooks.

Available now:

There is more than one way to approach the BBC.

Learn how to pitch your stories, discover the key decision-makers, and gain insight into how your content is treated with our latest update to Roxhill’s guide to the BBC.

Client-exclusive Mini Guides

Our client-exclusive mini guides break down everything you need to know about the publications you need to know about. Discover everything from who to contact, when, and how. We ask all the nitty-gritty questions so you don’t have to – and so you can skip straight to that excellent pitch.

Available now:

Discover how best to target Stylist Magazine with your stories.
We’ve pulled together all the information you need to pitch to Stylist Magazine successfully, and summarised it into one handy mini guide – exclusively for Roxhill clients.

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