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Motorpoint's PR team see a boost in their SEO rankings and brand mentions thanks to their recent fuel-efficient driving campaign.

Motorpoint is the UK’s largest independent retailer of nearly new and used cars and vans. Founded in 1998, the retailer currently has 20 stores across England, Wales and Scotland. In addition, customers can complete the buying journey online from the comfort of their homes.  

Having been a leading player in the used car market for the past 25 years, Motorpoint is proud to be the car-buyer’s champion and remains committed to making the car-buying process as easy as possible.  

The challenge

Over the last 12 months, Motorpoint has been working to bring more of its PR functionality in-house and reduce its reliance on third parties to secure media coverage.

The team’s PR activity is designed to support their wider communication and SEO objectives, this includes building brand awareness and positioning Motorpoint as the expert within the automotive/car-buying space.

The solution

Roxhill has helped Motorpoint reduce reliance on third parties to distribute their mailers and campaigns. Motorpoint uses Roxhill’s media database to support all its outreach; this includes finding journalists’ contact details, building media lists and learning more about publications and the best time to pitch.  

The team have also found the seminars and newsletters available as part of their Roxhill subscription incredibly valuable, as these additional resources have allowed the team to learn and improve their skillset as PRs.  

“We secured coverage on This is Money after attending a seminar and reangling our pitch based on the information we learned.”
Lizzie Parr - Motorpoint
Lizzie Parr
Digital PR Lead at Motorpoint

We asked Lizzie Parr, Digital PR Lead at Motorpoint, what sets Roxhill apart.

The three features that have really stood out to us are the breadth of the data, depth of the information about journalists/outlets and how easy the system is to use.

Being a small team with limited resources, it was important that we could start using the platform to support our outreach efforts without having to wait for lots of training – although support has always been available if/when we’ve required it.

Since we started using the platform earlier in the year, we’ve been really impressed about how well-maintained and up to date the information about journalists and outlets is. With so much data available within the platform it has helped reduce the amount of desk research required ahead of starting to build out media lists.

Something particularly useful about the platform is how it pulls main topics and recent headlines for journalists, helping us be sure that the story we are pitching is relevant to the journalist – giving it the best chance of being covered.

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The campaign

Key features used

  • Topic search
  • Media list builder
  • Press release distribution
  • Journalist events
  • Pitching guides
pieces of media coverage
coverage links from highly authoritative websites

In February, Motorpoint launched its fuel-efficient driving campaign.

With fuel prices well covered in the media, the advice-focused campaign used original data to predict exactly how much motorists could expect to spend on fuel in 2023 and share tips and tricks to help car owners go further between filling up.

In addition to providing clear and realistic advice for drivers, this campaign also highlighted some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market – giving them the Motorpoint stamp of approval.

How Roxhill helped

With a focus on automotive and money-saving media, Motorpoint used Roxhill to build out all their media lists to ensure they were sending content to the most relevant journalists when they were most engaged.

Roxhill’s intuitive list-building feature introduced Motorpoints PR team to new journalists they hadn’t come across in their initial research. It allowed the team to validate other journalists for whom their content would be relevant.

"Roxhill was essential in helping create our fuel-efficient driving campaign"
Lizzie Parr - Motorpoint
Lizzie Parr
Digital PR Lead at Motorpoint

The results

So far, the campaign has secured 151 pieces of coverage across titles, including the Mail Online, This is Money, Express, Daily Record, Wales Online and the Lancashire Telegraph.

As a result of the outreach campaign, Motorpoint secured over 140 coverage links across a huge number of highly authoritative websites.

“I really championed us subscribing to Roxhill as I'd had nothing but positive experiences in previous roles. Since we started using the platform earlier this year, it's been amazing and allowed us to bring a lot of our outreach in-house and expand our relationships with media – helping reduce our reliance on third parties and secure incredible coverage.”

- Lizzie Parr, Digital PR Lead at Motorpoint


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