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THE PIG Hotels - Behind the scenes of successful PR campaigns that landed both national and regional coverage

THE PIG group is a personal collection of small lifestyle restaurants with rooms where the focus is on authenticity and informality of design, food and service.

There are no ‘cookie-cutter roll-outs’; each hotel has its own personality and sense of self. Every property comes with laid-back warm service and a genuine commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

THE PIG hotels aim to deliver an outstanding experience for every guest, a ‘wow’ moment that surprises and delights for a price that won’t break the bank. Homegrown in every way – breaking the mould of designed hotels by working with what it has and recognising what is good about that. 

The challenge

At THE PIGs, the travel story has been written about by the UK travel media in various different ways – restaurant with rooms, 25-mile menu, kitchen gardens, using local suppliers, upcycled furniture, pigs, etc.  But the group is now heading into its 13th year, so Emma Cripwell, the Publicist for THE PIG, has to find other ways of telling the story. And, more importantly, she has to find ways of telling the story to journalists who haven’t been the recipients of dozens of emails from her. 

Over the past 12 years the rise of sustainability in the news agenda is clear for everyone to see.  So much so that now most self-respecting broadsheets have a sustainability or environmental editor.  With sustainability being in THE PIG’s DNA, not something that’s had to be applied retrospectively, this is a story Emma’s brought to the fore as the consumer has become more receptive to this dialogue.

The solution

Roxhill’s data accuracy and in-depth information on journalists proved to be invaluable for PR campaigns.

With sustainability in mind, finding environmental editors on Roxhill Media has been hugely helpful and vital in Emma’s quest to ensure that THE PIGs are viewed as the leading sustainable hotel group in the UK.  

On top of actually finding the correct journalist contacts, Roxhill has given her visibility of what these journalists have written about and which areas they focus on. 

"Gone are the days of pouring through news sites trying to unearth relevant articles. Roxhill does all that for me which is worth its weight in gold.”
Emma Cripwell
Publicist for THE PIG Hotels

We asked Emma Cripwell, Publicist for THE PIG Hotels what sets Roxhill apart.

Where Roxhill helps every time with PIG launches is the regional data.  If a PIG is opening in a county where I don’t already know the journalists, Roxhill always helps me research key local journalists who aren’t on the national beat. 

They are vital to my campaigns.  Not only do these regional journalists write about THE PIGs in widely-read local titles, but these writers also live within the community so are part of the target market. 

Regional titles should never be underestimated, and Roxhill’s data is always accurate and key to any PIG campaign.

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The campaign

"The most successful campaigns have always been when I announce the next PIG. Journalists obviously love anything new, but a new PIG seems to gain particular traction.The goal is to gain media coverage, which, by default, informs the consumer about where the next PIG is opening.

Increasing awareness of THE PIGs is always a goal, but, as importantly, updating PIG aficionados about openings is key to customer care.  Roxhill Media helps me do this. In the past 12 months I focused on gaining coverage and increasing the reach."

- Emma Cripwell, Publicist for THE PIG Hotels

The results

With every launch announcement, THE PIGs will receive between 20 and 30 pieces of print and online coverage.

Each campaign secures a long list of features, titles include The Caterer, The Times, Telegraph, FT, Guardian and Mail

Key Roxhill features used

  • Search tool
  • Media list builder
  • Press release distribution


  • The Caterer
  • The Times
  • Telegraph
  • Financial Times
  • Guardian
  • Mail
pieces of both print and online coverage per campaign

How Roxhill helped

Roxhill’s Search tool allows Emma to efficiently find regional journalists by topic, sector, keywords or company whenever PIG news is announced in their area. The available journalist profiles offer insights into what they write about, what interests them, and what pricks up their ears. Adding relevant journalists is effortless with the list-building, and the feature ensures the press releases land in the right inboxes. Emma can schedule outreach, plan ahead and save time while knowing all campaigns are running smoothly.

"Regional titles should never be underestimated and Roxhill's data is always accurate and key to any PIG campaign."
Emma Cripwell
Publicist for THE PIG Hotels

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