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On the hot seat:

Laura Miller: Personal Finance Reporter for The Daily Telegraph

Laura Miller

  • Ideally need to pitch the previous week for ideas Laura can take to the Monday 10am Money conference. Tuesday and Wednesday’s are best.
  • Works from home on a Wednesday. Don’t pitch on a Thursday or Friday.
  • Monday and Tuesday’s best also for meetings / lunches. Either come into TMG building in Victoria (in house café) or book near office.
  • Online focus vs Print – summer months print copy reduces. Financial year 20 pages
  • Hosts the Podcast – coming back in the autumn.

Top tips:

  • Receives over 100 emails a day. Subject line and first 3 bullet points or paragraphs read:
    • Keep emails jargon free to demystify issues to readers.
    • What’s the news here? What’s important
    • Do follow up by email – not phone.
  • Paper audience is older (70s) / wealthier. Online audience is younger.
  • Exclusives are best. Main rival is The Times (daily and Sunday)/ Money Mail. If appears there – less likely to use story. Be honest, we want the exclusive and this makes your pitch more powerful / am interested more. Embargoes are handy.
  • Interested in more women specialists to be quoted. Variety of voices.
  • Big events (Budget day) – do engage before. Help what to look out for. Day of the budget – single quotes from specialist very helpful. Round-Ups too.
  • Real life case studies – will need to speak to the individual.
  • Big data research – needs credibility (who uses the data; # of people referenced)

Money team:

  • Monday 10am is Money conference meeting.
  • Thursday is deadline day for Saturday edition; Friday for Sunday edition
  • Print copy will be added to Online. Some online may find itself in Print – TMG has an online first strategy. If story is too good or can’t wait, will post online first.
  • Lauren Davidson – Head of Personal Finance
  • Sam Brodbeck – PF Editor.
  • Taha Lokhandwala – Investment Editor
  • Online focus – point person:
    • Investing
      • Taha Lokhandwala (Investment Editor)
      • Jonathan Jones
      • Harry Brennan
    • Property
      • Marianna Hunt
    • Pensions
      • Laura Miller
    • Banking
      • Adam Williams
    • Tax
      • Sam Meadows
    • Insurance
      • Sam Barker
    • Bills & Utilities
      • Sam Meadows
    • Online Producer
      • Sophie Smith
    • Consumer Champion
      • Katie Morley investigates column

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