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Pitching to can be a race - so how can you stand out? reporters are always on the lookout for commentators who can provide expert analysis and a pithy quote on breaking news. 

They especially will speak to spokespeople from companies who may not meet the requirements of the broadcasting teams requirements, as long as there is an angle worth exploring.

Topics to pitch

So what is of interest? After a period of relative global calm, geopolitics have come to the fore again.

Anything from surging global inflation to the war in Ukraine is big news. reporters are up to speed on the latest events, but always look for information on how they are impacting the markets.

Most importantly of all if you’re seeking to hit the headlines, provide analysis of the details themselves rather than a general comment about the overall announcement.

Legal stories that revolve around tech company regulations and fines are important, as are the legal issues that AI is creating. AI stories themselves are popular too, as are those about chips in our tech-heavy world.

"If something's moving markets, it's definitely of interest to the CNBC audience, be it international, US or the whole gamut"

Get exclusive

Exclusives are an excellent way of catching the team’s attention, but they must be good ones – adopting new sustainable practices in the office is unlikely to be picked up, but an entire overhaul of a business will be. Similarly, a report or research with a genuine news angle and the promise that only will see it is likely to prove popular.


Profile interviews are becoming increasingly popular, providing there is a genuinely interesting story to tell. You will struggle to find traction if the person being pitched comes from a small, private company. Even if your pitch does get picked up by CNBC Europe, you could still get coverage on where journalists can take a line or two from an interview to spin a separate story.

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How and what to pitch to CNBC

How and what to pitch to the CNBC

This Roxhill Media mini guide has been put together specifically to help you understand operations on CNBC Europe’s two platforms, broadcast and online news.

It’s filled with all the information and advice you need to know to make the perfect pitch to the channel.


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