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Interview with Tracey Boles, Deputy Business Editor, The Times

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Scale up your PR strategy with our exclusive Roxhill Briefing interview

Tune into our latest business themed interview and pitch your ideas to The Times Business Desks with confidence as Tracey Boles, Deputy Business Editor shares insider information. We talked about life on the Desk and also tapped into the best ways to work with her and the team.

What we discussed: 

  • Offline and online audiences and what stories work with them
  • Whether PRs should send data and graphics
  • Challenging audience with stories that goes against their thinking
  • How Tracey’s work is split up between editing, reporting and her managerial role
  • Saturday’s Manifesto page
  • The role of the Business Editor, Richard Fletcher
  • Ideal ways to pitch to and contact Tracey, what she thinks of follow-ups
  • Timeline
  • Planning of the Saturday edition
  • Trending stories for the next few months

Tracey also answers questions asked by PRs.

Tracey Boles

Deputy Business Editor

The Times

” I’d absolutely recommend getting the data, so all ideas are welcome, but don’t waste your time and money on an infographic unless it’s something rudimentary to share what you’re trying to get at”

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