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Pinpoint the peaks in Energy coverage with Roxhill

From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the cost of living crisis, 2022 has seen energy rise to the top of the news agenda both nationally and internationally but making sure you’re aware of spikes in interest, or why they’ve appeared, isn’t always so clear-cut.

Read on to see how you can track the trends, outlets, and timelines so you never miss a trick.

What do we mean?

Our PR analysis tool can show you how much a topic, keyword, or sector is being talked about in the news or on social media, so you can see what is driving the public discourse.

Here we search for mentions of energy from February 2022, as shown with line, as you can see mentions of the topic have soared.

If you hover over the graph, you can see how many times energy was mentioned in the news as well.

Tracking these trends can help you plan your content, time your releases around peak interest, and can help you react to current focus.

The timeline feature means you can look back over the last year and track when and what was causing spikes in mentions.

And segmenting article mentions via sector means you can angle your stories with precision. Plus, with Twitter and Instagram integrated you can get a feel for public sentiment.

Caught your eye?

Roxhill is packed full of tools built to save you time, give you further insight into your industry, and help you to deliver results. Find out more and chat with a member of our team to get you started on a free trial.


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