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PR Opportunities Round-Up – Beauty & Wellness

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Are you getting your pitching timings right?

If you apply a little thought to what might be featured when, you stand a good chance of landing that coverage you’re after.

The standalone beauty glossies are a good place to grab a plethora of PR opportunities. The lifestyle glossies dedicate more pages to beauty (and fashion) than any other lifestyle sector. In the broadsheets, beauty and wellness, as with travel, food, drink and fashion, have moments of dominance at certain times of the year.

Read our blog post with top tips on how to level up your PR game

Nothing screams “unprepared” like questions you can’t answer, about the client you are pitching.

Manage expectations

It can be really tempting to get excited about working with a client you love, and promising them the world. We love a motivated PR, but you must be realistic when setting and managing expectations with your client.

Can you identify the different
types of PR Opportunities?

Download our infographic and keep it handy for future reference. Learn the difference between long and short reads, NIBs, and straight editorial pieces. 

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free guide to PR Opportunities

PR opportunities across broadsheets and glossies can seem like a minefield for both junior and senior PRs, that’s why we’ve updated our PR Opportunities ebook.

Download your free guide today and gain the insights you need to navigate your editorial options and curate campaigns like a PR pro.

Roxhill's pitching guide on PR Opportunities. A starter kit to help you grasp press opportunities and to understand your editorial options.

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PR Opportunities Round-Up – Fashion


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