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Roxhill Meets – Orianna Rosa Royle, Business Reporter, Fortune

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Fortune is a Top US business magazine that focuses on the aspirational side of leadership. 

Fortune has been in the US for over 100 years and last year created its first UK news desk with plans to grow UK Coverage, which Orianna writes for. 

Its primary audience is the next generation of future leaders globally, but most readers tend to be in the US.

Who to contact

On the UK news desk, there are 3 reporters: Orianna Rosa Royle, Chloe Taylor and Ellie Pringle.

Chloe and Ellie are more general reporters focusing on Tech, Covid New Variants, AI, Workforce stories, Finance etc.

The editor is Massimo Marioni, who liaises with the US news desk.

Orianna Rosa Royle

Business Reporter
Fortune (US), United Kingdom

Chloe Taylor

Fortune (US), United Kingdom

Eleanor Pringle

Business Reporter
Fortune (US), United Kingdom

Massimo Marioni

Europe News Editor
Fortune (US), United Kingdom

Caught your eye?

Discover these journalists, and more, with a free demo and trial of Roxhill Media.


Caught your eye?

Discover these journalists, and more, with a free demo and trial of Roxhill Media.


How to contact them

"I currently have 1800 emails in my inbox"

Email is Orianna’s preferred choice, do not try and contact her on Instagram. 

Twitter is often where she posts what she’s working on/any media request, so contacting her for comment via Twitter is fine but follow up with an email as she likes to have all the information in one place.  

Her press release preference is five bullet points at the top of the email, then see the full story below or, even better, an online link to the story so that she can then send it to her editor to look at.  

An example of a great subject line for her was “Why I hire ex-prisoners”. It needs to have a human side to it.  

She likes asking for expert opinions; she takes down any expert’s details, email, name, job title, and speciality so that she has someone ready if she needs a comment on a given topic.

When to pitch

"We need to pitch up to four news stories each to Massimo by 8:45 am"

If it’s a news story or something that needs to go out that day, you must pitch before 8:45 in the morning.  

She starts at 8 AM, has to pitch four stories to her editor before 8:45, and starts writing at 9. 

Mornings are for news writing; afternoons are for features. She will usually do a feature over 2-3 afternoons.   

There are no defined features meetings as they are such a small team. There are success team meetings every other Wednesday afternoon, but it’s not something you need to pitch in time for.  

What to pitch

"The ongoing cost of living crisis, people holding down multiple jobs and Generation Z's entry into the workplace."

Unlike the other reporters, Orianna focuses specifically on leadership, company culture, success and CEO stories. 

She likes stories with a human side rather than a company’s financial performance or end-of-year results. 

She likes analysing news stories, trends, or tiktok’s that have blown up to find the why or what leaders should learn from that story.  

She likes supporting data especially generational analysis: how the different generations differ over a particular issue.  

She’s launching a new CEO CV Series, taking a deep dive into a CEO’s career, especially the failures along the way.  

For the series, it is just CEOs; she prefers bigger names, but she would also be interested in any CEO prepared to be “Super honest”. 


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