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How does sustainability PR impact your brand image?

Most people associate the role of PR with developing and executing strategies for raising brand awareness, shaping, and influencing the public’s opinion. However, when it comes to sustainable branding, as a PR you need to craft messaging that prioritises sustainability issues and establishes a connection with customers.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the issues related to your brand’s sustainability policy, immerse yourself in the subject. There are books, recent articles, journals, and courses that offer great coverage on sustainability.  

Why should you do this?

It is your responsibility as a PR to ensure your customers clearly understand what your brand stands for in terms of sustainabiliy. Clear and transparent communication starts with you having a solid understanding of the sustainability policies of the brand you represent.  

Crafting the PR strategy with sustainability in mind, and developing connections with journalists and the media

A good media database will be your best friend when searching for relevant outlets and journalists with an interest in sustainability. You should look for a provider that offers full journalists’ profiles with their coverage info and advanced search and filter options, as this will be crucial for building a targeted sustainability media list.  

At Roxhill, you have this and more. We also host a variety of events, from face-to-face pitching sessions with journalists, to webinars, and more. Check what’s on.   

Once you know which editors and journalists are interested in featuring sustainable brands, you can start building meaningful relationships and pitching to them. Remember to tailor your pitch so it will work with their title and audience.  

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Maximise your media coverage

Approach both online and offline publications to secure wider media coverage.  

Think about the fit: Who/what/why/when:

  • What title do your (potential) customers read?  
  • How can your brand fit into that outlet’s profile? 
  • What are the benefits of your brand being included? 

Once you have the answers, crack on with your pursuit accordingly.

Get your pitch right

It can be tricky to secure coverage at a top-tier media outlet, so when pitching, go for a high-profile individual (like CEOs or experts) for interviews and offer brand exclusives.  

Ride the hype. Try to time product launches or news-worthy content with other related trends, observation days (like Earth Day), and events.  

Consider collaborating with other sustainable brands. For example, launch a new product line with an upcoming product/service that is heavily marketed globally and related to sustainability. 

Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam
Chief Travel Writer
The Sunday Times

“If you’re going to pitch sustainability, make sure you’re sustainable. It’s not good enough to have a turtle expert on-site.”

There is no such thing as perfect

Claims on sustainability that seem too good to be true – are too good to be true. Consumers and stakeholders expect honesty and transparency, so PRs must be very careful with their storytelling. No brand wants to be associated with any sort of ‘washing’ (greenwashing, bluewashing, social washing etc) and end up with a PR crisis on their doorstep. 

Not all PR is good PR. Getting talked about for the wrong reasons damages brand reputation, credibility. This can cost you not just customers, but investors can stray away as well.   

Of course, poor communication is not always to be blamed for. Things get overlooked in the boardroom, and you need only one of your suppliers or partners to get accused of heavy water pollution, and your brand will suffer for it too. So, as sustainable PR, you need to be prepared for crisis management and have a response action plan at hand. 


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How to build a sustainable brand image 

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