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Top tips for Lifestyle PR’s from Lisa Smorsarski at the Stylist

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On the hot seat:

Lisa Smorsarski: Editor-in-Chief, Stylist


  • Weekly free magazine: Handed out in 8 UK cities every Wednesday.
  • Demographic that your title appeals to:
    • 25-44
    • She is positive about her career though could be making a change
    • She has disposable income and is conscious of savings and wants to enjoy life and be informed about how to navigate through her busy life
  • Circulation:
    • Online: 2 million MUU
  • How it works at the top:
    • Susan Riley (previously editor) is seconded to Stylist’s Family creative team at present, so is temporarily off magazine. Gemma Crisp is covering her as editor. Gemma’s normal role is Deputy Editor/Digital Editor USA. They will probably resume their normal roles in the autumn.

Top tips:

  • Press day:
    • Tuesday (good day for meetings)
    • Thursday is press day
  • Stylist is all about discovery and what smart, ambitious, time-poor women are looking for. Could be fashion, an event, a role model or a product etc
  • Not fans of excessive packaging (waste of money; environmentally unsound etc)
  • Emails: In the subject, say which column / section your pitch is relevant for.
  • Emails: Subject is your pitch. Make it stand out.

Fashion & Beauty


  • Billie Bhatia, News editor (Billie is Fashion New Editor) is the best contact to pitch to both print and digital
    • Harriet Davey / Grace Cook freelance for digital
  • Focus includes high street brands, to affordable ranges upto the higher end
  • Same sustainable themes though not as firm vs beauty
  • Imagery very high on the criteria list
  • Stylist loves:
    • Kat Poole loves new brand launches
    • Moya Crockett also involved and Women’s editor (digital) too
    • Francesca Brown also supports
    • Interested in fashion, beauty, drink and food
  • Stylist lists:
    • Billie Bhatia and Polly Knight pull these together
    • Lead time generally up to 6 weeks though can be longer (12 weeks)
    • Image + 12 words + price + url link


  • Lucy Partington and Shannon Peter key contacts
    • Hannah Ibraheem and Ava Wesling-Kitcher in support, can also be pitched to
  • Stylist values:
    • Sustainability; well made, thoughtful purchasing, no personal wastage
  • Lead time generally up to 6 weeks for both digital and print
  • Not interested in cosmetic surgery
  • Online 21 Days: All the team can be approached for 21 days


  • Contacts:
    • Helen Bownass key contact for entertainment and celebrity pitches
    • Hannah Keegan key contact for Work/Life page
  • Food & Drinks
    • Jenny Tregoning works across all platforms as Food Editor. She writes and edits weekly Gourmet On-The-Go food pages
    • Alessia Armenise (photo editor) is also interested in food and drinks pitches for digital
    • Aware of more mindful trends in drinking / drinks.
    • Readers are mindful around alcohol / drinking a lower percentage of alcohol in their drinks

Every Week in magazine

  • Work/Life
    • Hannah Keegan key contact for Work/Life page
    • Looking for someone who has a fascinating job or a fascinating life around their job
    • Role models and inspirational women
    • Send in a short bio and strong image
    • UK centric (not just London) and diversity representation is important
    • Work on a 6 week lead time
  • Escape Routes:
    • Travel: Susan Riley and Gemma Crisp – best contacts to call for both print and digital
    • Alessia Armenise (photo editor) is also interested in travel pitches for digital
    • Interested in UK short-haul
    • If long-haul – need to understand the carbon footprint and why invest the time
    • Experience is key: quirky, unique, different, feel etc
    • Lead time varies depending on season etc. can be up to 6 months but also can react to an event.

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