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We’ve had a glow-up!

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You might have noticed some changes around here…

We’ve been busy squirrelling away to give Roxhill a makeover inside and out.

Don’t worry, we’re still the old Roxhill you know and love, determined to provide you with the most accurate journalist database on the market, but we realised we had outgrown ourselves, and it was time to give ourselves a makeover.

When looking at ourselves in the mirror, we realised our events, pitching guides, infographics, and more, mean we’ve become so much bigger than just a media database. The content we’ve become obsessed with creating and collecting lets us give you unparalleled PR insights, and we needed to rethink our original mission, look at our values and envision our vision for the future.

Caught your eye?

Roxhill Media provides a powerful media database and PR software to help you quickly target the right journalists and generate effective media coverage for your clients and brands.


All of this has bled into what you’ve seen: a new look on Instagram and LinkedIn, a redeployment of our brand colours and the ability to let ourselves loose a bit more with our writing.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing what we’ve learnt in our self-investigation journey and what we plan to do with it.

From the foundations of the database we run, to our fancy new Instagram grid, we’ve been guided by our vision of growing into our position as an essential voice in the ongoing conversation between PRs and journalists. Keep an eye out for what exciting changes that will bring!

Our mission is to open the door to the media industry for PRs, bringing them closer to journalists and the media.


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