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Ah, award season! The slew of the entertainment industry’s glitzy gatherings that celebrate the performances of talent on screens, stage and – rightly or wrongly – red carpets.

With so many beauty brands and artistry talent now having a stake in the looks worn by A-listers on the nights of award shows, beauty coverage of them continues to boom. And yes, people want to read it: I know our audience at Harper’s Bazaar clicks on a close-up of Margot Robbie’s hair at the Golden Globes, or details of the exact lipstick Beyonce wore to the Grammys.

The most important thing to note when wanting to work with the beauty press on digital stories relating to the upcoming BAFTAs/SAGs/Oscars etc is that the early bird catches the worm – both before said events and in the hours after they unfold.

Ergo, it pays to explore planned opportunities with journalists. Exclusives like interviews and ‘Getting Ready With… [insert exciting person]’ type features are the obvious ones here, though I feel there’s space for some new formats around red carpet prep.

Equally, can you share any insider info in advance of the event? Like, which stars are working with which hair, make-up and nail artists, or using which brand(s) of products. These details help us refine our social media stalking in a bid to decipher credits.

And better still on that front, please provide all (or any) credits as soon as you have them. Details of artists, designers, accessories, and products (with links!) are all gratefully received. The same goes for photographer and videographer credits if you’ve shared such assets.

When we consider our social, SEO and homepage strategies over awards season, without wanting to compromise on quality, time is always of the essence. And, in my experience, PRs are our best wing people.


What Bridget thinks…

“This post-Grammys press release from Estee Lauder arrived before 9:30am on Monday joined by elegant behind-the-scenes imagery. This would be perfect for a ‘get the look’ story or round-up of A-list beauty looks, though it would have been a lovely exclusive feature for a title too.”

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