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Beach body = a body on a beach

Bikini season being upon us, I had a scoot through my emails to glean an overview of the kind of pitches I’ve been sent this summer. Hallelujah: this must be the first year that I haven’t received any that invoke the phrase “beach body”.

It should go without saying that a beach body = a body on a beach, period. And yet for too long, swimwear has been sold as something that will help the wearer achieve “the perfect beach body”, the assumption being that its most important facet is whether it’s flattering.

Of course this is a consideration, but so are fashion trends – and thankfully, these are more of a focus this summer. I’m not Love Island’s number one fan, but I’d rather be pitched a swimwear trend like the three-piece bikini (a bikini with a matching piece of kit such as a cover-up, waistcoat or sarong) inspired by Love Island than I would any number of bikinis purporting to give me the perfect beach bod.

With viewing figures of 2.4  million and counting, it’s to be expected that Love Island is strongly influencing swimwear trends, but to make your pitch stand out, it might be worth looking beyond the show. Peg your product to a different demographic – midlifers, for example – and it might have even more impact.

What Laura Thinks…

Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza has had so much press: whatever it’s doing, it’s doing right. This collab with Six Senses Ibiza is the perfect fit. 

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